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Personal Speed-Strength Training

Programs are designed specific to the needs and goals of each athlete and are available at days/times convenient to you.


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For aspiring to elite athletes, the Titus Speed and Strength Training Program will bring out an athlete's full performance potential.


Our unique training system focuses on increasing an athlete's total body explosiveness, ability to run faster, jump higher, throw further, increase change of direction efficiency and improve speed endurance. Our proven training approach incorporates a balance of athletic assessment, evaluation, and planning that provides all athletes the opportunity to improve their performance.

Titus Workout Model.png

Mobility Training: Warm Up and Movement Preparation

  • Raising Body temperature

  • Preparing Stretch Reflex

  • Motor Patterns


Strength Training: Total Body Weight and Torso Training

  • Lower Body Strength/Power Lifts

  • Olympic Lifts and Variations

  • Upper Body Strength/Power Lifts

  • Torso Strength Exercises

  • Supplemental Work


Speed Training: Plyometric - Sprint, Jump, and Throw Training

  • Plyometric Jumps

  • Ballistic Throws

  • Sprint Mechanics


Agility Training: Cone and/or Hurdle Drills

  • Forward/Backward Movement Efficiency

  • Lateral Movement Efficiency Drills


Endurance Training: Interval, Distance and Timed Running

  • Short, Medium, and Long Interval Sprinting

  • Continuous Runs for Specified Distances or Time

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