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FALL Workout Groups For 

High School & Middle School Players 

Begins September 10th

To get Started REGISTER at: TitusOnline/FallLaxTraining

-Register & Confirm your account through email

-Complete the remainder of your profile and add a credit card to your account.

-Select the "Team" tab and one of the training packages below:

MS Lacrosse Workout Group

HS Lacrosse Workout Group

The Fall Lacrosse Speed, Strength & Athletic Development program will focus on increasing a player's mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, agility and conditioning specific to improving performance and preparing players for their lacrosse season.


Available at Titus Sports @ Chase Fieldhouse (401 Garasches Lane, Wilmington, DE):


High School Players ($250): 

Every Sunday for 6 weeks from 11:30-12:45pm beginning September 10 through October 15


Middle School Player ($250): 

Every Sunday for 6 weeks from 12:45-2pm beginning September 10 through October 15 


Led by Coach Bobby DeWees & Titus Sports Academy:

  • Bobby DeWees: A graduate of Wilmington Friends, Bobby received 1st team All-Conference, 1st Team All-State, and All-American honors. He played lacrosse at Gettysburg College, and went on to captain the team and receive All-conference honors. He joined the Marine Corps in 2014, where he served as an Infantry Officer, and Special Operations Officer in the Marine Raiders, the Marine Corps most elite special operations unit. Bobby served as a Captain and Team Leader of numerous Marine Special Operations teams that deployed to Iraq, Africa, and South America on both counter terrorism combat and foreign military advisory missions.

  • Titus Sports Training Staff are highly trained and certified. Credentials include certifications from the American Council on Exercise, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, International Sports Science Association, National Association of Speed and Explosion, Functional Movement Screening, National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting and USA Track and Field.

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Mobility Training: Warm Up and Movement Preparation

  • Raising Body temperature

  • Preparing Stretch Reflex

  • Motor Patterns


Strength Training: Total Body Weight and Torso Training

  • Lower Body Strength/Power Lifts

  • Olympic Lifts and Variations

  • Upper Body Strength/Power Lifts

  • Torso Strength Exercises

  • Supplemental Work


Speed Training: Plyometric - Sprint, Jump, and Throw Training

  • Plyometric Jumps

  • Ballistic Throws

  • Sprint Mechanics


Agility Training: Cone and/or Hurdle Drills

  • Forward/Backward Movement Efficiency

  • Lateral Movement Efficiency Drills


Endurance Training: Interval, Distance and Timed Running

  • Short, Medium, and Long Interval Sprinting

  • Continuous Runs for Specified Distances or Time

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